In the late 90's Alfredo started getting experience from supervising several areas of production in different industries to managing hospitality and culinary services.

In 2006 he joined the Staffing Services being his area of expertise the disaster relief industry, then in 2014 he became part of this company, bringing his experience to be a great asset to Ortiz Staffing.

Joel started a business in the textile industry in 1999, 2 years later he obtained his degree in Business Administration in Mexico.

He moved to USA in 2003 and started getting experience in the Staffing Services, 9 years later Ortiz Staffing was born.

Joel Ortiz


Sandy studied International Business in Mexico, she got several courses in Marketing, Business Strategy and Business relationship throughout the years.

She arrived at Ortiz Staffing in September 2014 being her task contacting companies and keeping costumers satisfied.

Sandy Sierra

Business Public Relations

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Alfredo Sierra